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New Taipei City Luzhou Divine Generals Cultural Festival

◆ Origin 

The exquisiteness and the quantity of Luzhou’s Divine Generals make them number one in Taiwan. It is also one of the most important local cultural assets, and has earned Luzhou the reputation of “The Divine Generals’ Place” and the “Hometown to Divine Generals”. The development of the Luzhou Divine Generals has a history of about 100 years; Ganhui, Wanli, Shancai, Longnu, Weituo, Qielan and Qiye and Baye are the famous Kaiji Eight Divine Generals known to Luzhou residents. The Divine General culture is a cultural industry unique to Luzhou. In order to promote this traditional culture, the local government organizes “Luzhou Divine Generals Festival “, using the Divine General culture as the main focus and combining with the historic sites, religious centers, art and cultural exhibitions and local delicacies of Luzhou to further enhance the locals’ recognition of Luzhou as well as their cultural cultivation.

◆ Activities 

1.Carnival Fairs

(1)The parade of divine generals: On October 18, the main activity is the praying performance at the streets around the Lujiang Elementary School and at the grand opening brought by Divine Generals from various temples.
(2) The Divine General Game: A special divine general game with questions relevant to divine generals at different levels has been designed. It is designed to help people get to know the divine general culture during the game and receive a free gift prepared by the local government.
(3) Collecting receipts to get free fair tickets: 5 receipts issued in September – October for one free fair ticket. All receipts collected will be donated to social welfare organizations. The aim is to, in addition to providing diverse activities, care for underprivileged people.
(4) Explore and Experience Divine Generals: Photos of big-sized divine generals are set up for people to take free pictures and small-sized photos of divine generals for experience purpose are available, offering the public a chance to better know these divine generals.
(5) Check in to get free souvenirs: Citizens may upload the photos they take with the divine generals at the scene to their FACEBOOK and check in to get one free souvenir while helping attract more people. 
(6) Stands will offer traditional arts, Luzhou delicacies, delicacies provided by new immigrants and various featured products from different districts of New Taipei City. Furthermore, since we are one big family in New Taipei City, stands that offer featured products from tourism factories are available to promote folklore, new immigrants’ culture as well as the featured products from local tourism factories. 
(7) Shows of Folklore Craftsmanship and DIY Activity: Shows brought by performing groups of folklore art from schools and communities are presented while DIY activities such as painting divine generals’ faces, dough figure sculptures and instruction on creative ideas for recycling are offered, too.
(8) Competition for Divine Generals’ Music & Dance: A preliminary competition that combines music and dance of divine generals are scheduled to be held in summer vacation (July and August) and the final competition will be held on the date of the carnival. 
(9) A Night of Traditional Folklore Culture: Traditional opera pieces, dance and singing are offered. At the end, a raffle draw will be held to continue the fun and happy atmosphere of the carnival. 

2.A Series of Activities

(1)The Divine General Culture Exhibition: Exhibitions of Divine Generals are arranged. Divine generals, their clothes and accessories will also be exhibited. Volunteers are available to offer tour services, helping citizens to know these divine generals better. Local schools are encouraged to organize field trips so that students in Luzhou can better understand their hometown’s traditional culture.
(2) Film Studio for the Microfilm of Divine Generals: Integrating all photography courses in the area to film a documentary related to divine generals. The micro film will be played on the day of the carnival. 
(3) Casting bamboo divination chips to get a good luck charm: All temples in the area will, taking turns, hold the “casting bamboo divination chips to get a good luck charm” activity to encourage more participation from citizens. 
(4) An Exploring Trip of Divine Generals: Divine general exploring cards are available so that people may take the cards to various temples that worship divine generals and record the name of the temple, the date of their visit and get stamped by the temple to get one free souvenir at the venue where the main activity is held. This not only promotes the main activity but also allows the public to appreciate the beauty of religious art. 
(5) The Good Luck Trip: A free half-day guided tour to take the public to various tourist attractions in Luzhou and attend seminars at the studios where divine generals are made, a trip to deeply explore the local culture. 
(6) The Divine General Parade: The 19th day of the 9th Lunar Month (October 12 in the Gregorian Calendar) is the Bodhisativa Avalokitesvara’s Renunciation Day and divine generals from temples and amateur music clubs in Luzhou will parade the streets one day before (The 18th day of the 9th Lunar Month, October 11 in the Gregorian Calendar), offering people a great chance to see many divine generals at the same time.
(7) The Fall Marathon Running for Divine Generals: It is an activity that incorporates the latest trend - marathon running. Divine generals are placed along the route as guiding signs so that the public feel that the gods are with them to encourage them while they are running. A great way to emphasize the image of Luzhou as the “ Hometown to Divine Generals” 

◆ Activity Schedule 

Name of the Activity




The Series of Activities 10/5 The Fall Marathon Running for Divine Generals Taipei Metropolitan Park
10/6~10/17 The Divine General Culture Exhibition Ground Floor of the District Office building
10/6~10/18 Casting bamboo divination chips to get a good luck charm Registered temples in the district
10/6~10/18 An Exploring Trip on Divine Generals Registered temples that worship divine generals
10/101112 The Good Luck Trip Tourist Attractions in Luzhou
10/11 The Divine General Parade Main roads in Luzhou
10/1819 Film Studio for the Microfilm of Divine Generals Lujiang Elementary School
Carnival Fairs 10/1819 The Divine General Parade Roads around Lujiang Elementary
The Divine General Game Lujiang Elementary School
Collecting receipts to get free fair tickets
Explore and Experience Divine Generals Area
Check in to get free souvenirs
Stands that offer traditional art, Luzhou delicacies , delicacies provided by new immigrants and various featured products from different districts of the New Taipei City
Shows of folklore craftsmanship and DIY Activity
Competition for Divine Generals’ Music & Dance
A Night of Traditional Folklore Culture