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New Taipei City Linkou Zidixi Cultural Festival

◆ Origin

Nanquan and Beiquan Zidixi culture in Linkou has a history of nearly 100 years. During traditional agricultural times where people’s lives centered on local villages, people in Linkou used traditional Taiwanese Operas to bring people of all villages together. Zidi Troupes were amateur groups for connecting all villages. This tradition has been kept to the present day. There are currently nine Zidi clubs in Linkou and most of them learn from the same school. These clubs are highly united and close to each other. They perform in various major celebrations, always keeping in touch and treating each other like their own while learning Nanquan and Beiquan art from each other and the spirit of passing down such traditional art. 

Zidixi Festival, in addition to main shows, will be offering diverse promotional activities in art education. To engage in interaction with the public through offering them chances to experience playing divine generals, learning how divine generals walk, painting their faces, playing the Nanquan and Beiquan instruments as well as teaching them how to sing these traditional pieces so that they may experience first hand such old traditional art and music culture.

◆ Activities

1.Reproduce the Old Glory - Zidi Club Culture Exhibition

2. Stage area: 
(1)Traditional pieces: “Three Major Gods” , the little Zidixi show 
(2) Shows that combined both traditions and modern elements: Shows include Chiwu Kungfu Martial Art Group, Baiquan music and African drums and modern dance 

3.The Culture Experience Area 
(1)How to play divine generals: Guide the public how to play divine generals as well as teach them the divine generals’ steps.
(2) Experience Nanquan and Beiquan Instruments: Help the public play these instruments in person and offering a detailed introduction to instruments of Nanquan and Beiquan.
(3)Introduction of Zidixi scripts and singing : Lead the public to experience the singing style of Zidixi and introduce Zidixi scripts.
(4) Face Painting Experience: Face painting artists are invited to do makeup on people 
(5)Complete Face Puzzles: Get to know colors and lines used on face painting as well as the relations of characters in Taiwanese Opera through completing face puzzles.

4.The Celebration of Guanyin’s Birthday

◆ Activity Schedule 

Name of the Activity



Zidixi Culture Exhibition




Reproduce the Old Glory  - Zidi Club Culture Exhibition


Stage Performances


Shows included top Kungfu Martial Art Group, Baiquan music and African drums and modern dance
Interaction among Stands



Experience Zidixi Culture: divine generals, instruments, singing style, makeup, face puzzles 
Processions and Worshiping 


Divine generals/parade formation pilgrimage, worshiping divine generals, competition among suonas
Stage performances


“Three Major Gods” – A performance brought by the Little Zidixi Club