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New Taipei City North Coast Kite Festival

◆ Origin

Since 2000, the New Taipei City Government has been holding an international kite festival in Shimen, creating a platform for learning and observing, exchanging ideas and competing in kite culture and techniques among domestic and international kite flyers while inspiring kite lovers in Taiwan to create kites as well as encouraging participation in international kite events, which ultimately becomes a form of kite diplomacy. New Taipei City North Coast Kite Festival has been listed as the most important kite event in Asia, along with the World Kite Festival in Malaysia and the Weifang Kite Festival in Sandong. 

“ 2014 New Taipei City North Coast Kite Festival”, upholding the objectives of international kite culture and sharing techniques, has invited teams from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Portugal, India, Vietnam, Italy, Mainland China as well as Chinese Taipei Stunt Kites Association, Taipei Kite Promotion Association, 8+ Stunt Kites Team, OA Stunt Kites Team, Shuzhi Stunt Kites Team, Xuan-Zhang Kites Team, and Crown Coastline Stunt Kites Team in Taiwan, a total of more than 25 teams and close to 150 domestic/international kite flying masters to exhibit their excellent kite flying skills and their latest art kites. Designed kites of various styles, foil kites, stunt kites…etc are flying over the sky of New Taipei City, adorning the north coast sky beautifully and splendidly. This year, the local government has added new activities – a kite wedding and kites at night, offering more opportunities for the public to participate in various kinds of activities and kite culture while enjoying the fun of making kites, flying kites and playing with them. 

Meanwhile, in order to deeply root the local kite culture in Shimen, the local government has especially arranged for the local elders to make traditional Shimen octagonal kites to pass down the local kite culture; in addition, seminars on kite flying techniques hosted by kite flying masters will be held at local schools, offering local students chances to learn from world-class kite flying masters at close range to improve their techniques and raise their interest in kite flying while deeply rooting their sense of mission to spread kite culture. Kites made at these seminars will be exhibited and flown on the day of the activity, making sure various kite making or flying techniques will be deeply rooted in Shimen before they can be propagated to all of Taiwan, marking Shimen as Hometown to Kites on the map.

◆ Activities 

1.Themed activities

(1)International Kite Learning and Observing Show 

The most-anticipated activity in the kite festival is , without a doubt, the kite learning and observing show. The maganificent scene of thousands of kites flying over the entire north coast sky is the charm that makes the crowds in White Beach every year. This year, kite flying masters will bring the public even newer, more special, richly colored kites that include the flying horse kite that owns the most-creative award in Malaysia by the Indonesia team, the roaring horses of the Mainland China team, black and white wind wheels PK shown by the Italian team, sunflower connection kite by the Xuan-Zhang kite team, a show of arranging characters with kites by the 8+ kite team, speeding night kite flying show by the OA Stunt Kite Team, Ballet & Colored Ribbon Show by the Chinese Taipei Stunt Kite Association, and big foil kites with designs of pink cat, tiger, jelly, penda and catfish…etc. and there’s more -- kite surfing that can only be found at White Beach. Kites from different nations will be competing up in the sky of the North Coast and the organizer’s ultimate goal is to catch the attention of the public and to keep them lingering. 

Performing Groups: Professional kite performing groups will perform on September 20 and 21. 

September 20: The International Kite Learning and Observing Show, Night Flying Sparks Concert, My favorite Kite Voting Activity 

September 21: The International Kite Learning and Observing Show, My favorite Kite Voting Activity 

Location: The main location is at White Beach 

Events: The shows at the beach area includes the sky theater, traditional kites, serially connected kites, candy kites, single-string kites, foil kites, designed kites, double-line stunt kites, four-line stunt kites, a joint show of kites, kite surfing…etc.

(2)The Kite Wedding

The north coast has always been a favorite spot for would-be couples to take their wedding photos. Thus, this year the local government has organized a special kite wedding activity, inviting both domestic/international kite masters to make heart-shaped, bouquet-shaped and wedding-candy-shaped kites to create a romantic atmosphere. Meanwhile, staff at Lao-Mei Elementary School, with a reputation as “the elementary school of kites”, has prepared a string of wild lily kites that represent happily ever after to give the new couples their best wishes. Hopefully, all new couples will always remember this beautiful kite wedding. 

Location : The beach area of White Beach

Time: 14:00-15:00, September 20

(3)My Favorite Kite Voting Activity 

Domestic/international kite teams or masters are invited to show the public their most beautiful kites for “My favorite Kite Voting ” campaign. Spectators that cast votes stand a chance to win good prizes. The results of the voting will be announced at the activity and a raffle draw will also be held.

Location: The beach area of White Beach 

Time : In the Afternoon of September 21 

(4)The Kite Craftsmanship Exhibition 

Exhibit kites made by domestic / international kite masters 

Location: The Tourist Center at White Beach

Time: September 20 and 21 

(5)The Kite DIY Seminar

Both domestic and international kite masters are invited to teach people how to make kites. With detailed instruction and guidance from the instructors, participants will be able to make their own kites. Making your own kites according to your own interests and creativity makes kite flying fun and also bestows a sense of pride.

Location : De-Mao Neighborhood Center at the basement of the Tourist Center at White Beach

Time : One seminar in the morning and one in the afternoon on September 20 and 21

(6)Creative DIY Activity

The local government has organized a Creativity DIY Activity, inviting masters of creativity to instruct people how to make grass woven products, rubbings, paper folding so that they may make their own souvenirs to bring home in addition to enjoying the beautiful kites.

Location: The plaza in front of the Tourist Center at White Beach

Time : 4 times every day on September 20 and 21 

(7)Making Themed Kites and Passing Down the Culture

On the day of the activity, the local government has invited local elders to make traditional octagonal kites. The public are invited to experience this traditional craftsmanship from their childhood. In addition, domestic kite makers are invited to teach local students at schools of Shimen district how to make themed kites with local features. All kites made will be exhibited on the day of the activity. Please be prepared to be surprised. 

(8)Selecting and Making of Creative Kite Products 

Before the activity begins, everyone is invited to participate in the competition of creative kite products, enriching the activities with these kites to make Shimen creative kite products the new focal point of this year while revitalizing the local economy.

(9)North Coast Art Performing Shows

Various performing groups from communities and schools in different districts of the north coast are invited to join the shows. The program includes indigenous dance show, popular rock-n-roll concert, lyrical music guitar concert, street dance, fire dance show… etc.

Location: The stage area (the plaza in front of the Tourist Center at White Beach)

Time : 15:00~17:00 on September 20 and 21 

(10)Night Flying Beach Concert 

Well-known performing groups are invited to perform on stage accompanied with a night kite flying show and a firework show. The public are invited to experience a different kind of music feast.

Time: 19:00~21:00, September 20 

Contents: Shows brought by well-known performing groups, night kite flying show, and firework show

(11)A Trip Deep into the North Coast

Combining the kite programs in the daytime and the night kite-flying show, evening music concert and firework show, the local government would like to invite all people throughout Taiwan for a 2-day trip to the north coast, experiencing staying overnight at the north coast. 

2.North Coast Agricultural Product Stands

Shimen rice dumplings, seaweed jellies and seafood at Fuji Fishing Port are the local delicacies. There are around 60 stands of agricultural products on the scene of the activity to allow the public to fully experience artistic craftsmanship and fresh delicacies at the same time. In previous years, the promotion was focused on local agricultural products of the north coast, thus locals were able to sign up for a stand for free. This year, the local government has added 30 more stands for agricultural products from areas near the north coast, hoping to offer people a chance to further experience the north coast.

3.Souvenirs from the activity

2014 New Taipei City North Coast International Kite Festival souvenirs are offered to the public for free. 1000 souvenirs are offered as free gifts for people participating in the activity. Limited quantity offered every day. 

◆ Activity Schedule 

Name of the Activity Time Contents Location
Selecting Cultural and Creative Kite Products July-August Selecting and Making Cultural and Creative Kite Products  
International North Coast Kite Festival 9/20-9/21 International Kite Learning and Observing Show The Beach Area of White Beach
9/20 The Kite Wedding The Beach Area of White Beach
9/20-9/21 The North Coast Performing Shows  

The plaza before the Tourist Center at White Beach

9/20-9/21 Kite DIY Seminar The Activity Center of Demao Neighborhood (B1 of Tourist Center at White Beach)
9/20-9/21 Creative DIY Activity The plaza before the Tourist Center at White Beach
9/20-9/21 Agricultural Product Market The Guanhang Temple at White Beach
  9/20-9/21 Free Limited Souvenirs (1000 pieces every day)  

The plaza before the Tourist Center at White Beach

Sharing and Learning on Campus 9/24-9/25 Foreign kite flyers interact and share their experiences with local students Schools at various areas in Shimen