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New Taipei City Red Yeast Rice Festival

◆ Origin

“Red Yeast Rice“ has long been one of the most important traditional assets of Shulin, New Taipei City. In recent years, thanks to the efforts of Shulin’s local people for a series of plans for progressive promotions, “Shulin Red Yeast Rice Festival” has been held to remind people to dig out those long buried memories for Shulin’s most representative and charming culture – red yeast rice , enhancing the public’s recognition of red yeast rice and offering them more opportunities to experience it. Unlike previous years, the history of red yeast rice and the information of local attractions are introduced to the public digitally via virtual red yeast rice online museum so that the public is able to better understand the culture and history of Shulin. Furthermore, the local government will be able to interact with the public via social websites to market Shulin.

“2014 New Taipei City Red Yeast Rice Festival”, in addition to continuing deep-rooting and expanding the local red yeast rice industry, will bring the public a new aspect different from previous years. Utilizing elements of local culture, specialties and cultural attractions to display the diverse cultural aspects of Shulin while keeping the reputation of “Hometown to the Red Yeast Rice”, the local government wishes that by gradually establishing the values of the Shulin Industry as well as developing its tourism, the red yeast rice culture unique to Shulin will continue to set deep roots, expand and attract more participation. 

The activities include a variety of great events – free red yeast rice delicacies, a red yeast rice cuisine competition, and visiting red yeast rice cultural sites – to offer the public chances to experience and better understand the local historic sites through guidance and seminars, enjoying delicacies made of red yeast rice, watching related films, DIY activity to experience the diverse red yeast rice culture, and cultural activities in Shulin.

Besides experiencing art and culture, enjoying delicacies to acquiring more knowledge, a cultural tour guide service is also offered to provide visitors a diverse, rich, and interesting introduction. On August 30, “Happy Carnival” will be held at the Jianguo Park. Not only a free shuttle bus service but free delicacies made of red yeast rice are also available. The local government has prepared many gifts for the raffle draw! The annual red yeast rice event – “ 2014 New Taipei City Red Yeast Rice Festival” invites you to participate in experiencing first- hand the beauty of red yeast rice. Don’t miss it!

◆ Activities

The Activity


Description of the Activity

The Red Rice Yeast Time Tunnel

August – December

Online Museum of Red Yeast Rice History: Red yeast rice history and local tourist attractions are offered digitally, allowing the public to better understand the culture and history in Shulin through lively articles and pictures and the local government to interact with the public and to market Shulin.

A Trip of Knowledge – Introduction to the History of Historic Sites Visited

July – September

Through tour guide seminars, visits to the local cultural and historic sites, enjoying delicacies made of red yeast rice, watching relevant films, DIY activity, diverse red yeast rice culture, and experiencing the human aspect of Shulin are arranged.

I Love the Hometown of Red Yeast Rice – The Red Yeast Rice Experience Camp

July – August

1.      Experience Camp for making red yeast rice and desserts made of red yeast rice

2.      Experience camp for cooking meat with red yeast rice

The Red Yeast Rice Cuisine Competition

August 16

1.      Creative Red Yeast Rice

Cuisine Competition

2  Promotion of plum meal set (4 dishes and 1 soup) by restaurants

Red Yeast Rice Happy Carnival

August 30

1.The Red Yeast Rice Fair

2.Promotion of the Red Yeast Rice Industry

3.Art Performances and Exhibitions

4.Exhibition of Healthy Food