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Golden Town Art Festival

◆ Origin 

Ruifang is an area where arts and talents collide. It is the heaven for artists, photographers, movie makers, composers/writers, TV shows, commercials and documentaries. The 2014 New Taipei City Golden Town Art Festival brings you “Glorious Ruifang – A Series of Passed-Down Art Activities.” This year, the local government has especially prepared singing and dancing activities that will take the audience back to the 50s and 60s to enjoy those timeless love ballads such as “When will you come again?“, “The Mysterious Lady”, “ My Lover’s Tears”, “Rose, Rose, I Love You”, “ When the Spring Breeze Kisses My Face”, “Someday, You will Come Back to Me”, “Let’s Treasure Tonight”, “At the Western Building On the Full Moon Night”..etc. Through the reinterpretation by young students, the audience will rediscover the spirit brought to Ruifang looking for new hope despite everything and hopefully more powers are bestowed on us in the past, at the present and in the future to stand up to any challenges in carrying on our future generations. In addition to the shows, peripheral games are provided to offer the public a chance to relive the childish naïvete and happiness people once had as children.

◆ Activities 

(1)“Glorious Ruifang – A Series of Pass-Down Art Activities” organized by Ruifang District Office this year is divided into 4 main activities: 

Pass-Down The Heritage – The Re-interpretation of Old Love Ballads – Ruifang used to be the place with the highest total output of coal. With great scenery of elegance and beauty, it has earned the reputation of “ little Hong Kong”- a perfect description for Ruifang indeed. Ruifang Train Station has played a vital role in the development of Ruifang. Now, at a time when leisure travelling is highly valued, it has attracted thousands of visitors every day to pay a visit to its past glory. At the plaza in front of Ruifang Train Station, senior entertainers from the National Union for Entertainers and indigenous troubadours from Tiehua Village in Taitung will sing to allow locals to enjoy these timeless love ballads while remembering the old times. 

(2) The Timeless Art: Ruifang was once a glittering gold mountain town but was slowly forced to become a transit stop for Jiufen and Jinguashi due to the fact that the mining industry withered. Today, on the verge of restoring the “Shuijingjui” top 10 towns for tourism, the local government intends to invite local street performers or performing groups to re-interpret old ballads in remembering the old times at the new landmark of Tung Blossom - the square in front of the Ji-an Temple, Sijiaoting to bring the audience back to the old times to experience the old times and the atmosphere of looking for new hope despite everything at that time. Furthermore, the local government hopes to provide a nice surprise and hospitality to visitors once they step out of the Sijiaoting Train Station. 

(3) Great Dance Fostering New seeds – The Ruifang Little Flowers of Taiwan Folk Dance Group is going to bring their 10-12 classic pieces to fill a summer night in Ruifang with passion and vitality, exhibiting the results of passing-down culture and children’s passion and their artistic talents. The dancers of the Little Flowers of Taiwan Folk Dance Group are mostly local youths and students in Ruifang. They are going to show the public diverse dance pieces through their participation in the performance to convey their ideas about love, devotion, confidence and health to the public, at the same time, to raise people’s attention toward cultivating culture and art, human services and an international vision for children in remote areas. 

(4)“Philharmonic” V.S. Times at the Golden Town: The Taipei Philharmonic has prepared well-chosen classical pieces and invites people to enjoy melodies that touch their hearts in a venue that fills people with a sense of nostalgia, and experience the prosperity and luxuries of the golden times.

Activity Schedule 



Name of the Activity




Pass-Down The Heritage – The Re-Interpretation of Old Ballads

The Plaza in front of Ruifang Train Station



Pass-Down the Heritage –The Timeless Art

The Ji-an Temple, Sijiaoting



Pass-Down the Heritage – Great Dance to Nurture New Seeds

The Plaza in front of Ruifang Train Station



Pass Along the Heritage - “Philharmonic” V.S. Times at the Golden Town


Shengping Theater at Jiufen