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New Taipei City Sanxia Indigo Dye Festival


Indigo Dye was a common method of dyeing cloth used by women back in the early days. Its history can be traced back to 4-5 thousand years ago for there are records of people growing indigo plants, making indigo dyes and using them for dying cloth in the Shang-Zhou Dynasty. Back in the early days, Sanxia used to be the main source of Assam Indigo. The Sanjiaoyong River provided clean and pure water required for dyeing cloth; the Sanxia River and its branch, the Zhongpu River, also provided great locations for washing and air drying dyed cloth. The convenient water transport of the Tamsui River not only brought ample materials for indigo dyeing but also allowed for the large quantity of indigo dyed products to be transported to Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Fuzhou and Shanghai. These natural advantages promoted the development of the local Indigo dye industry and it gradually became an industry unique to Saniiaoyong street. Today, on old Minquan street, many signs of the old dyeing stores are still visible. The blue shirts worn by the Hakka people back in the early days were also Indigo dyed products. 

Today, thanks to retro and fashion trends, traditional cloth-dyeing craftsmanship has become the focal point of stylish clothing again. Indigo-dye craftsmanship is catching the public’s attention and indigo-dye workshops are being set up everywhere. The Indigo Dye Festival has been held annually in Sanxia since 2002 and this year marks its 13th anniversary. With the promotions and exhibitions of indigo dye activities throughout these years, both domestic and international visitors are offered a chance to better know this Indigo Dye culture. The local government hopes that through the festival held every year, more people interested in Indigo dye are able to better acquainted with indigo dye personally and to experience the local characteristics and hospitality in Sanxia while fostering local professional talents for this traditional industry in order for this feature culture of Sanxia to keep on flourishing in combination of creativity. 


“2014 New Taipei City Sanxia Indigo Dye Festival“ will be held at the Chunghwa Telecom square on Zhongshan Road in Sanxia. In order to restore the prosperity of the dyeing street, the local government hopes to establish the brand and the core values of Sanxia dyed products through the passing-down and renovation of the Indigo Dye culture. Furthermore, through the series of activities, artistic talents and people with creative ideas are invited to participate to keep on promoting ideas and exchanging thoughts on indigo dye culture by combining ideas collected from daily life and elements of the latest trends. Also, local communities and schools are invited to participate in the festival to expand local participation, thus, exhibiting the uniqueness and charms of the indigo dye street. 

The Press Conference 

Date and Time : 10:30 (Friday), June-6th 

Location: the stage at the back of The Sanxia History Museum

Introduction: Through product exhibition and presentation, the old day cloth dyeing images are brought back, allowing the public to get to know and experience the indigo dye. An Indigo dye photo competition will also be held to display the charming characteristics of Sanxia indigo dye for attracting the public to Sanxia to further understand the beauty of indigo culture in Sanxia. 

Blue Elegance

Date and Time : 10:00 – 17: 30, June 14 (Saturday)

Location: The square in front of Sanxia Old Street 

Introduction: Great local performing groups have been invited to perform with people in the communities and school children. Through performances of singing, music, dancing, and drama, the beauty that combines performing arts and indigo dye craftsmanship will be displayed to the public and while exhibiting the hustle and bustle atmosphere of the arts festival, in between the melodies and the dancing bodies in blue, the public will be able to experience the history and culture of Indigo dye so that the vitality of the indigo dye industry and culture will be displayed. 

Cultural Train Exhibition

Date and Time : 10:00 – 17: 30, June14 (Saturday)

Location: On both sides of the Zhongshan Road in front of the Sanxia District Office

Introduction: In order to accommodate the promotional activities organized by the New Taipei City Government and other related units, the Cultural Train Exhibition on Minquan Street of Sanxia District will be set up. People from the local indigo dye workshops, literature and history workshops and the farmers’ organization will be doing introductions on related culture. There are about 35 stands in the exhibition area and items exhibited include: introduction to indigo dye, hand-made indigo dyed products, local industries and information. 

Indigo Dye DIY Activity

Date and Time : 10:00 – 16: 00, June 14 – July 13, Saturdays and Sundays

Introduction: The history of Sanxia Indigo Dye, Indigo plants, and the process of indigo dye will be introduced through this DIY activity. Various simple indigo dye techniques will be demonstrated at the scene so that people may experience the fun of indigo dyeing first hand. An Indigo dye summer camp will also be held to nurture little indigo dye lovers.

Please contact:

Sanxiao Dyeing Workshop at (02)8671-3108

Sanxiao Indigo Dyeing Workshop at (02)2671-2608

Simple Life Indigo Dyeing Studio at 0970-558559

The Indigo Dye Summer Camp 

Time and Dates: Mon.-Tue. and Thur. -Fri., June 30 – July 25, 8 sessions in total 

Introduction: To conduct Indigo Dye Culture courses on week days in order to foster little indigo dye lovers to hopefully become manufacturers of indigo dyed products in the future. 

Please contact: Sanxiao District Office at (02)26711017, extension 504

The Indigo Dyed Product Exhibition and Try-On Indigo Dyed Clothes. 

Time and Date: 09:00~17:00, June 11 – July 13 

Location: The History Museum

Introduction: Besides using the Sanxia History Museum as a platform for the local indigo dye industry to allow locals to experience the beauty of local historic relics, the local government has also invited well-known indigo-dye designers to organize a Sanxia Indigo Dyed Product Exhibition. At the same time, a try-on indigo dyed clothes experience is available at the History Museum to provide different indigo dyed clothes for the public to try on and take pictures for free, offering them a chance to experience the comfortable touch of this beautiful indigo dyed apparel. 

Cultivate Local Indigo Dye Talents 

Time and Date: 10:00~16:00, every Saturday and Sunday, June 14 – July 13

Introduction: Indigo dye is one of the local features in Sanxia and in order to cultivate local talents, a series of indigo dye reconstruction courses are offered, including professional indigo dye techniques, research and development of indigo dyed products, promotion of talents at local indigo dye workshops… So that local people who are interested in Sanxia culture and indigo art have more opportunities to learn and do indigo dye directly. Hopefully, more job and business opportunities are created for local people in order to continue the development and education of the Indigo dye industry. 

Please contact

Sanjiaoyuan Culture Promotional Association at (02)2671-8058、(02)8671-3108

Simple Life Indigo Dyeing Studio at 0970-558559

Indigo Dye Photo Contest 

Activity Time : June 11 – July 15 

Deadline for submitting works : June 15 – July 15

Introduction: The aim of the contest is to promote the local indigo dye industry as well as providing local people with leisure and entertainment activity, the local government hopes to restore the prosperity of the dyeing cloth street through the beauty of Sanxia captured by cameras.

Fun Indigo Dye Painting Competition 

Time and Date: 10:00~16:00, June 14 (Saturday)

Introduction: This contest is held to encourage children to paint their impressions and the features of indigo dye art and the Sanxia area, meanwhile to imprint indigo dye Sanxia in their minds. The winning pieces will be exhibited at the art gallery on the 2nd floor of the district office.

A Night on the Old Street

Time and Date: 17:30~21:00, July 12 (Sat.)

Location: The plaza in front of Sanxia Xinglong Temple 

Introduction: Tables and seats and a center stage are set up at the plaza in front of Sanxia Xinglong Temple offering the public free coffee and tea accompanied with classical music concerts and performances brought by local performing groups to shower the public with an artistic atmosphere and lead them to experience a special magical night on Sanxia old street. In addition, an indigo-dyed clothing exhibition and a voting activity are held, combining indigo dye with daily life so that the public will better know and have a deeper impression of Indigo dye techniques. 

Collecting stamps on Scenic Spots and Have Fun Checking on Facebook 

Date: June 14 – July 13

Introduction: People may get stamped at each of the nine scenic spots in Sanxia (Sanxia Old Street, Indigo Dye park, Hakka Culture Zone, Culture Art and Nature, Zai-Shu Temple, Sanxia History Museum, Zhushi Temple, Li Mei-Shu Memorial Hall and Sanxia Dyeing Workshop) or use your tablet or cellphone to check on facebook to exchange indigo dyed gifts (limited quantities available every day)

Free gifts for A Certain Amount of Purchase 

Date: June 14 – July 13 

Introduction: Free gifts are offered to stimulate visitors to spend more in Sanxia. If they purchase at local stores authorized by the district office they may get a free gift with a receipt of NTD 1000 issued on that day or accumulated purchases certified by an authorized store. By combining gifts with indigo dye and Hakka elements, the public may not only experience indigo dye and Hakka culture, but also bring home a token of such culture. (Limited amount available every day)